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About Teddy

Teddy Akerson fitnessTeddy Ackerson, a former day trader, turned his back on the stressful life of trading and 60 hour work weeks to achieve some inner peace and do some soul searching.

This journey involved trips to Tibet, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, Bosnia and many more countries in which he met new and interesting people and partook in many different cultural activities.

He developed his love of scuba diving on the journey as well as learn how to meditate correctly which has transformed his life. He shares the knowledge now to help others who are still struggling with the stress of 50+ hour work weeks to help them find a bit of headspace.

Meditation helped with the emotional and mental aspects of life but in order to master the physical, Teddy took several fitness courses and classes on his journey including Muay Thai, rock climbing, kettlebell training and private trainer coaching.

This combination of meditation, good exercise and a healthy diet lead to him losing 20+lb of fat, getting lean and leading a much happier life.

You can follow along at this site and improve your life too.